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Belgian composer Robert Groslot embarks on a captivating journey with his latest project, showcasing a dedication to one of his most fruitful genres: the concerto. Collaborating for the first time with acclaimed clarinetist Roeland Hendrikx, Groslot's repertoire of concertos comes to life in a unique and compelling way.


The concerto genre, with its roots in the Baroque era, has evolved into one of the most beloved and versatile forms of classical music. Characterized by its dialogue between a soloist and orchestra, the concerto offers a platform for virtuosity, expression, and musical storytelling.


From the majestic works of Mozart and Beethoven to the bold innovations of contemporary composers, the concerto continues to captivate audiences with its dynamic interplay and rich emotional depth. Whether showcasing the brilliance of a soloist or the synergy of ensemble playing, the concerto remains a timeless testament to the power of musical collaboration and creativity.


Robert Groslot follows in this rich tradition, giving it a twist with his own musical language.

"As I have sought to elucidate, all of the concertos in my repertoire tell a unique story, driven by technical virtuosity and artistic vision," says Groslot. "In the hands of Jan Michiels, who performs the piano concertos, and clarinettist Roeland Hendrikx, I find that these fundamental characteristics of my style come to life in the richest possible way."


The orchestral parts are performed by the Brussels Philharmonic and Il Novecento, the symphonic orchestra founded by Groslot.



Robert Groslot CONCERTI

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